Foto: Pascal Bünning

Gentleman is a musical icon of positive energy. Being on top of his game since the early 2000s, he entertains many generations of music lovers. And with his vibrant The Evolution Band he brings his energy on any stage.

“So Far Away!“ Ten thousands of voices sing along the chorus line as Gentleman performs one of his internationally successful hit tunes. From the Surf World Cup in Costa Rica to the Townships in South Africa to the main stage of festivals: People all over the globe vibe to the tunes of the German Reggae Musician like „Superior“, „Intoxication“ or „Dem Gone“.

Authenticity and quality are two main ingredients of Gentleman’s musical recipe. Rooted in a true Reggae background, the singer from Cologne always had a focus on uplifting lyrics and a high level of production. Together with his The Evolution Band, he managed to transform this musical spirit into a powerful stage-act, that captures any crowd within moments.

Having toured extensively and representing in the charts all over the world and especially in Jamaica, the heart of Reggae music, another milestone in Gentleman’s Journey was an album with extremely talented musician and son of Bob Marley, Ky-Mani Marley in 2016. Out of the musical vibe, Gentleman and The Evolution Band started to develop special live versions of the album songs, a feature that now adds extra spice to any Gentleman concert.

“Sing Fi Mi“ is what Gentleman tells his crowd, when he wants to hear their voices. But it is also a quick translation of a popular German TV-Show „Sing My Song“, starring the hottest German acts including Gentleman. The national hype around the show resulted in a long-awaited and successful German album in 2020.

Gentleman has established himself as a true and authentic Reggae artist from Germany. At the same time he is featured on TV Shows and even has a current hit tune in the Turkish charts. He has won multiple national and international awards for his songs, albums and lifetime achievement. His entire musical oevre can be experienced in his live performance: watching, listening, feeling Gentleman and The Evolution Band live on stage means experiencing the real deal.