For more than ten years New Zealand raised artist Henry Hargreaves has been collaborating with the artist Caitlin Levin hailing from Northern California.

They quickly recognized their shared passion for all things food, photography, travel, and art. Hargreaves + Levin continues to push the boundaries always attempting to find a balance between beauty and the far fetched. With food as their favored medium they always manage to turn the mundane into works of art.


Exhibitions (Selection)

  • 2016: Sundern-Dörnholthausen, Kultur Rockt Festival, Mark Rice-Ko + Food Scans
  • 2016 Berlin, KWADRAT Gallery, Power Hungry
  • 2015 Wanaka, Festival of Color, Food Maps
  • 2014 New York, Air Circulation Gallery, Power Hungry
  • 2014 New York, Dylan’s Candy, Gingerbread Art Galleries
  • 2014 Sun Valley, Under the Influence of Rock ‘n Roll, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Band Riders
  • 2013 Miami, Art Basel, Gingerbread Art Galleries
  • 2013 Venice, Venice Biennale, No Seconds and Comfort Food, Band Riders and Deep Fried Gadgets
  • 2013 New York, Bushwick Open Studio, Food Maps, Band Riders




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