The artist duo Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin made a splash with its exhibition “Mark Rice-Ko” and “Foodscans” at the Kultur Rockt Festival in Sundern-Dörnholthausen in Mai 2016.


Being back in their studio in Brooklyn, New York, we got in touch with them again to ask a couple of questions on their impressions of the festival:


Kultur Rockt: How was the festival for you?
H+L: We had a great time, really fun long weekend!

Kultur Rockt: What were your personal highlights? 
H+L: We think the classical paino night, probably as this was also easier for us to relate to as we didn’t need to understand German.

Kultur Rockt: Was it inspirational for you? If yes, how?

H+L: Being out of our comfort zone and seeing these artistic things in such a special environment is always inspirational. We came back looking at ideas and problems in a new way.

Kultur Rockt: What are your next projects?

H+L: We are growing mold at the studio, looking at the relationship between bacteria and food.

Kultur Rockt: Thank you very much, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Dörnholthausen very soon.